About Us

About Us

UBU Holdings, Inc. is your ideal partner for international trade to the biggest market in the world, the USA as well as 67 other countries in the global market. We focus on Health, Beauty, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Fashion, Beverages and Corona Virus PPE product categories.  We offer the best GLOBAL BRANDS at the best prices. We are looking to work with E-commerce companies, Retailers, Manufacturers and Importer-Distributors for sales and distribution in India, the USA and global markets. We represent over 100 brands, 40 manufacturers, 67 Importer-Distributors and 3000 buyers worldwide.

If you are an Indian Manufacturer,  we can help your business by bringing you international sales and distribution in the USA, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, the European Union, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East.  We have established, world-class, national importers and distributors in all of these regions. Grow your brand, sales and profitability  by working with us to provide an out-sourced international sales and distribution capability for you at no cost.     Read More

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